THE CASE OF THE MISSING “A” (in law school, you can’t get an A without an A!)

Legal writing can seem very mysterious, but it really boils down to a basic formula: state the legal issue/point/question you’re going to discuss; give the Rule (or Rules, including all relevant definitions) for that issue; Apply the facts from the… Continue Reading →

Using Facts on your Exam

One of the biggest problems we see over and over on student exam answers relates to the facts.  Specifically, how the student uses the facts that they are given in the hypothetical.  All too often, students merely recite the facts in their answer,… Continue Reading →

IRAC example

Hello, all: As this is my first post to the blog, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Elizabeth Corwin, the Associate Director of Academic Support. I graduated from Pace Law School in 1999. Having planned throughout to go into criminal prosecution or… Continue Reading →

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