For those of you who like the process of creating flashcards, but can’t live without your smartphone or tablet, there are a number of new apps you can use to create flashcards and other study devices.

One such app is the Flashcard Machine ( But there are many others.

Whichever app you use, or if you do it the old-fashioned way with index cards and a pen (do people still use pens?!), flash cards are a great study technique that appeals to many learning styles. Kinestetic learners will enjoy the process of making the flash cards, visual learners will benefit from any drawings, charts, etc, on the cards, and read/write learners will benefit from re-writing (or re-typing) the rules onto the flashcards.  Just like outlining, flash cards are a great way to condense your materials, and to review and quiz yourself as you prepare for your finals.  Whichever method you choose to make them!