A new take on flashcards

For those of you who like the process of creating flashcards, but can’t live without your smartphone or tablet, there are a number of new apps you can use to create flashcards and other study devices. One such app is… Continue Reading →

Effective Case Briefing

Some good tips for the last week of bar prep

“May it please the court…”

One of the highlights of the first year in law school is preparing and arguing the appellate brief.  Congratulations to the 1Ls on writing your appellate briefs—best of luck on your oral arguments! As the 1Ls prepare to argue their… Continue Reading →

More Bar Exam tips from someone who did it….

…and survived!  We have welcomed a new member to our Academic Success team –  Pace Law graduate Marina Theodoris.   Marina graduated in 2011 and took the July 2011 Bar Exam.  She passed (congrats!) but had a bit of, well,… Continue Reading →

Great advice about using time wisely

I just read a great post on the Law School Academic Support blog, about using “windfall” time – little chunks of time that you weren’t expecting to have, that pop up sporadically throughout your day and week.  So many of… Continue Reading →

Using Facts on your Exam

One of the biggest problems we see over and over on student exam answers relates to the facts.  Specifically, how the student uses the facts that they are given in the hypothetical.  All too often, students merely recite the facts in their answer,… Continue Reading →

I get by with a little help from my friends….

Disclaimer – I’m writing this post after the weekend of my five year law school reunion (wow, has it really been five years already?!) so I’m feeling a little sentimental and nostalgic right now…. When I was in law school,… Continue Reading →

I like your style!

Learning style, that is.  We all have one – a preferred method for learning, a way that we best process and understand the materials presented to us. In a traditional law school classroom, much of what is presented appeals to… Continue Reading →

Laptops in the classroom – will you use one?

  Although the cartoon above is set in an office, the differences in the familiarity and use of technology between Dilbert and his younger co-worker much resemble the differences between law professors and their current students. The “millennial generation” students… Continue Reading →

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