Now….go enjoy the rest of your summer!

To everyone who has just finished taking the bar exam….CONGRATULATIONS! It is an incredible accomplishment and you should be extremely proud of yourself. Now don’t think about it again until the results come out in November! It’s out of your… Continue Reading →

A little Bar Review Humor

If you are studying for the Bar Exam right now…take a break and enjoy! httpv:// Bar Review Humor (Please note this is not an endorsement of BarBri, it’s just a funny video!)

There are Times When Perfection Can Be Overrated: Fortunately, The New York State Board of Law Examiners Agrees

This post was written by Kathleen Townley, an extern from the New Directions program who is working with our office over the summer. Many law students strive to work towards the ideal of perfection.  After all, setting some lofty goals is… Continue Reading →

Law Student Boot Camp

It’s that time, again.   Third year law students everywhere are participating in what is probably the most anti-climactic graduation of all educational institutions everywhere.  No teary good-byes.  No “please keep in touch!”  No “see you around.”  Because it is likely… Continue Reading →

Practice makes perfect!

Of course it does, we all know that.  But this isn’t your 5th grade piano recital, so what does it mean in the context of law school exams? It means that doing practice exams is the best way to really… Continue Reading →

Outlining – the benefit is in the process

When I went to law school, lap tops in the classroom were not as prevalent as they are now (I can see myself telling my grandkids stories about the days I had to lug a SEVEN POUND lap top to… Continue Reading →

A little humor to get you through

I’m sure MORE READING is the last thing you want to do right now, so instead, here’s a little (relevant) humor to help get you through your final exams.  Good luck! [youtube=] **Disclaimer: don’t actually use this video to study… Continue Reading →

Study Aids!

Finals are quickly approaching and during this time we get a lot of questions about which study aids are the best and worth the money to purchase them.  I wrote the following for a column in Hearsay (the Pace Law… Continue Reading →

Torts Gone Wild

This post is not really “Academic Support related”, but I just saw THIS article from the NYT and I need to talk about it.  Suing a four year old?  For riding a tricycle negligently?  Am I the only one who… Continue Reading →

Half way there!

Just a little pep talk to help you stay motivated – the semester is half way over!  Yay!  Half way to a well-deserved winter break!  But also….half way to final exams!  Yay!  Wait, I mean, Boo!! By now, you should… Continue Reading →

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